Frequently Asked Questions

Try using our FAQ before contacting us. Chances are your question will be answered right here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Try using our FAQ before contacting us. Chances are your question will be answered right here:


How do I signup and join a team?
  1. Click the orange “Register Now” button on the race page in the city you would like to conquer the Terrain in.
  2. Choose your wave time and how many registrations you would like to purchase.
  3. Once you’ve entered your personal info, serach for the team name you want to join.
How do I run with a team when it says the wave is full?
  1. Sign up for any wave time that is available.
  2. Send us a “Shout Out” and let us know which time your team is racing at.
How do I join or create a team after paying?
  1. Click on Login in the menu and enter your info.
  2. Find the race you want to manage.
  3. Click “Create Team” or “Join Team.”
Can I change my start time?

You bet! As long as the wave isn’t full yet.

  1. Click on Login in the menu.
  2. Find the race you want to manage
  3. Click on “Change event category” on the left.


I already signed up but my teammates are in a different wave, what do i do?

Although there is no “I” in TEAM, we don’t require teammates race at the same time or even the same distance.

If people sign up later than others some waves might close as they can’t have unlimited athletes racing in them. If your teammates are in different waves and you want to race together, follow these steps:

First, make sure to join the team first:

  1. Click on Login in the menu and enter your info.
  2. Find the race you want to manage.
  3. Click “Create Team” or “Join Team.”

Now that you’re on a team, shoot us an email with your Registration ID and what time you need to be changed to.

How do I reset my team password?
  1. Click on Login in the menu and enter your info.
  2. Find the race you want to manage.
  3. Click “Manage Team.”
  4. From here you can reset the password.
I'm trying to join a team it says I have the wrong password.
  1. Sorry, I don’t think they really want you on their team! Just kidding, this is easy to update too!!! Ask the Team Captain to follow the steps to Reset My Team Password in the other FAQ.
Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

You can totally transfer your race entry to another available racer! In order to complete your person to person transfer, the purchaser must fill out the Terrain Transfer Form and give it to the new racer. The new racer will then sign the waiver that is attached in the transfer form, present both forms along with the original participants confirmation email with QR code on race morning, and we will get them all set up to conquer the Terrain!

Can I use my registration at a different race?

As long as you notify us via email at least two days prior to your scheduled event, we can transfer your registration(s) to a future event. If the event has passed, we can no longer accomadate this request. We can only transfer registration within this calendar year.


Refund Policy

Because of the nature of event planning, all entry fee payments are non-refundable and all sales are final. We have several options:

Your entry can be transferred to a friend or to a new race though! Follow the steps above to transfer your entry to someone else. Follow the steps on our FAQ page and you or a friend can still use the entry.

Terrain Racing event directors reserve the right to cancel any Terrain Racing event in the event of accidents, labor disputes, acts of war or terrorism military or armed conflicts, insurrections, rebellions, riots, explosions, lightening, earthquakes, fires, storms, rain and floods, wind, hail or if in the discretion of Terrain Racing any such acts or causes which require cancellation of the event for safety or security reasons, or, if Terrain Racing cancels the event for any other reason pursuant to 24 hours written notice. In the event of such cancellation, there will be no refunds.

Terran Racing reserves the right to change the venue and/or date of the event for any reason. In the event of such change of date or venue (or both), there will be no refunds, but your registration will still be valid for the new location and/or date.

Terrain Racing event directors reserve the right to remove athletes, spectators, sub-contractors, venue employees, friends, family, and anyone else from the Event, without refund, should his/her behavior endanger the safety or negatively affect a race, person, venue, person, or property of any kind.

At The Race

What do we get at the race?

Each participant will get

  • 1 slick race with 20+ obstacles
  • free access for spectators to cheer you on
  • a sweet Terrain Race event shirt
  • a finisher medal that is only available after crossing YOUR finish line
  • and the most important thing…bragging rights!

This does not include any purchased merchandise. This can be picked up at the race. Just jump ahead to the preorder line at our Terrain Race store and pick up your gear!

There will also be a slick after party with additional food and beverages for purchase as well as our great announcer and music! And if one shirt isn’t enough, we’ll have a store packed full of shirts, hoodies, shorts, socks, flip flops, and just about everything you need for a new set of clothes since yours are too dirty!

Do I have to race on a team?

You can race solo or with friends, it’s up to you. Teammates don’t have to signup at the same time, just make sure everyone joins the team BEFORE race day.

What's the minimum age?

Athletes must at least be 14 years old to race solo. Young athletes 7-13 years old may compete on the 3 mile course if they’re accompanied by a parent. Any athletes younger than 18 need to bring a parent or legal guardian on race day to sign a waiver.

There is a Little Monkey race after the last adult wave at most venues for kids of any age. Read the details for the location you want to go to.

You will need an ID OR your Check-In Sheet no matter your age to pick up your race packet. Please bring a school issued ID card if you don’t have a drivers license. Parents will need to show an ID as well when they sign a waiver for any minors.

On The Course

What do I bring to the race?
  1. Your printed Check-In Ticket
  2. Running shoes that you don’t mind thrashing.
  3. Change of clothes, sandals and a towel are highly recommended.
  4. Cash for parking and additional money for beverages, food and some seriously awesome swag!
  5. Sealable plastic bag if you want to keep keys, phone and money on you while you race.
  6. Blanket to spread out for friends and family! It’s free for them to come watch you at the finish.
Will I have to swim?

No. Any water that you may need to cross will be no more than 3’-4’ deep and will have lifeguards on duty. Duck floaties are accepted if you need them. Some venues might have slightly deeper water, but we always make it so you can get around anything that would require swimming.

What should I wear?

EVERYTHING will get muddy, so make sure you don’t wear your favorite running attire.

We suggest wearing:

  • Light, quick drying running shorts and running shirt
  • Older pair of running shoes. They’ll be all muddy at the finish, and you can donate them if you wish :)
  • Socks you don’t mind throwing away (or being brown from now on)!

Sunglasses are nice, but make sure to hold on tight when in the mud and water.

Cameras are a blast, but make sure they’re waterproof!

Have a crazy costume? That’s fine, as long as your clothing does not put anyone (including yourself) in danger.

We recommend athletic clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, really dirty. Our pro team wears MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Socks, Icebug shoes with an awesome tread, and Xracewear apparel. Xracewear makes shorts and tops that hold your bib number so you don’t need safety pins. For those looking to crush the course, visit them for great shoes, gloves, shirts, socks and other outdoor performance apparel.

What if I get hurt on the course?

Because we know how awesome our athletes are, we do have medical teams and course personnel roaming the course at all times in addition to the medical tent at the finish line.

If you do get hurt, and are around an obstacle, there will be a volunteer or a medic there that has direct communication with the event directors and we can send one of our course medical teams to your location. If you are not around an obstacle, please tell a fellow athlete to let the next obstacle volunteer or medical teams know and we’ll get help to you ASAP.

Will there be water and aid stations?

Yes, every event will have aid stations along the course with water only. You may need to bring your own energy gels and food, but water will be available every 1-2 miles on the course.

What happens if it rains?

Really? You’re worried about getting wet? Our races will continue if it’s raining, snowing, or whatever! We do everything we can to put on a race in nasty weather but if athlete safety or the venue is threatened by the weather, we may have to cancel. Sorry, there are no refunds due to weather.

How long does it take to finish?

It depends how hard core you are! Our races are 5k but are WAY more fun and will take longer than your normal race. Just add 20-30 minutes onto your normal 5k race time.

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